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If Mold is Growing in the Attic of Your Collegeville PA Home, Get Rid of It Now Before It Hurts Your Family

Do you notice that your home gets a musty smell after it rains for a few days? You might also sense it on damp nights as well.

This usually happens because mold has started to grow in either your basement or your attic.


Attic Mold is On the Rise

While mold in the home is usually associated with the basement, the cases of it growing in the attic are on the rise, especially in the Collegeville and King of Prussia area.

This is because of two reasons:


Attic Mold removal in Collegeville PA1. Any small opening in your roof, around your soffits, or elsewhere in your attic can let in water when it rains or is damp. This increases the dampness in the attic and allows mold to start to grow.

Since most attics are made up of wood and insulation, mold has the perfect breeding ground. All it takes is a small amount of moisture, damp air, and a little darkness for mold to grow and flourish.

2. Often, the rest of the home is sealed tightly, not allowing air to flow in and out. And, the attic has poor circulation, so the air remains damp and mold’s spores are allowed to float around and create new colonies.


This mold produces toxic spores that are breathed in by your family, causing a slew of health problems. Since a great deal of the air in your home comes from both the attic and basement, this spreads the problems quickly.


  • The health problems will continue to happen as long as mold is allowed to live.


How We Help You Fix the Attic of Your Collegeville Area Home

The key to fixing the problem is to both solve the cause of the mold growth (water and moisture getting in) and treating the air so that mold spores are destroyed.


  • We make sure that your water problem is fixed so that moisture can’t get into your attic
  • Your attic will be properly vented so that air can circulate
  • An air treatment system may be used to zap mold spores and make sure that the air up there stays clean
  • You Get a Free Estimate and Financing is Available


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