Advantages of an Exterior Water Management System

If You’ve Ever Had to Deal With Basement Flooding, Dampness, Mold or Foundation Cracks

Then an exterior water management system might be the solution for you. Your basement and foundation have to deal with a lot of pressure just holding up your house. When extra pressure is added from the outside, it can cause big damages like flooding, mold growth, dampness, increased energy bills and cracks in your home’s foundation.


Advantages of an Exterior Water Management System


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Many of the problems listed above come from the same issue: too much water in your yard.

Big rain storms, snow storms and too much irrigation can all lead to a flooded, saturated, soggy yard. While this is tough on your lawn and driveway, it can spell disaster for your basement. Too much water makes the soil around your house swell up and expand.

When the ground swells, it puts pressure on your foundation and basement walls causing them to crack.

  • After the cracks water starts to get inside
  • Then, flooding and leaks occur in your cellar or crawl space

Installing a water management system helps get rid of that water. This keeps your soil from expanding and keeps the pressure off of your foundation and basement walls, preventing them from cracking and causing flooding and mold.

If you already have these problems with your basement, we can help you fix them. Then, we will put in a system that keeps the problems from returning.

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