Adding a New Basement to Your House? Make Sure It Won’t Leak

Adding a Basement to Your Home Brings You Many Benefits, But You have to Make Sure the New Cellar is Completely Water-Free

Whether you are changing your crawl space into a basement or simply adding a brand new one, here’s now to make sure your new living area doesn’t leak and have water problems…


There are many benefits of adding a new basement onto your house:


  • More Room to Store Your Things
  • A Whole New Floor on Your Home

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If You’ve Already Decided to Add a Basement…

Congratulations! You’ve made a huge step to improving the value, usability and beauty of your home.

But, there’s one more thing that has to be done:


  • Make sure your new basement is waterproofed
Bowing foudnation wall repair

This is an extreme example, but even small cracks or holes in your basement or crawl space walls allow heated or air conditioned air to escape your home, costing you much more on your energy bills.


Many contractors like to skip this step. They’ll quote you an unreasonably low price for the addition, but they leave out the waterproofing process.

This seems great on paper. After all, you’re saving money, right?



In fact, your basement will leak and flood rather quickly. This can make a huge mess and can be expensive to fix.


  • It is much cheaper and more efficient to have the new basement waterproofed as it is being built rather than waiting for damages to happen then trying to fix it.


How We Can Help Your Home

We will build your new basement (or convert your crawl space into a full basement) while also making sure that the new area is completely waterproofed.
This is more than just painting the walls and floor with a bucket of cheap “waterproofing paint.”


We address the causes of water problems including:

  • Properly back-filling the dirt around your foundation so that no water pockets can form (these expand and put pressure on the basement walls, causing cracks and leaks)
  • Installing the proper drainage systems so that water is carried away from the home (this also stops cracks and leaks from happening)
  • Our structural engineers plan the basement so that it is strong enough to withstand any pressure from the soil around the foundation


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