Does Adding a Basement Add Value to Your Home?

Need a Way to Add More Living Space to Your Home While Also Increasing Your Home’s Value?


Adding a basement to your house may be the way to go…


More Space = More Value

Older homes that were built for smaller families are having trouble selling in today’s market. Families haven’t gotten much bigger, but, everyone seems to have more stuff to store.

A small house just doesn’t cut it anymore. Adding onto your home is a great idea, but…

  • The problem is that home additions can be expensive, raise your property taxes tremendously and can require a ton of red tape.

Expanding your crawl space into a basement, on the other hand, can increase living and storage space without the red tape headaches and will have less of an impact on your property taxes.


  • Plus, most studies show that adding a basement to your home will increase value by at least 25%!


That can mean a ton of money when you sell your home or want to get a home equity loan.


How to Maximize Value and Keep Costs Down


basement-waterproofing-outside-wallFirst, please know that a crawl space conversion or adding a basement is never a do-it-yourself job. It can be dangerous and require a tremendous amount labor.

This is always best left to a professional.

A basement pro will have specialized equipment and a crew to perform the labor. This will keep costs down and they can get the job done quickly.

If you want to maximize the value that your new basement will add (if you’re planning to sell your home), then go for and addition and remodel that will appeal to the most buyers. The experts at HGTV  recommend:


If concerned about payback, opt for uses that appeal to a wide cross-section. Think casual family room, home office, or extra bedroom, says real-estate saleswoman Stephanie Mallios with Towne Realty Group.

Walk-out basements also increase enjoyment if your property has the right topography, says Salvage. And understand your family dynamics. Some small children may not want to use a downstairs play room unless a parent will keep them company, says designer Valerie Ruddy of Decorating Den.


How to Get a New Basement


If building a new basement isn’t a DIY job, how can you get your new cellar?


  • Contact us for a Free Estimate
  • We do all of the engineering and planning for you
  • We will do all of the digging, pouring the new floor and walls and waterproof your new basement (the whole basement will be built in a few short weeks)
  • You can also sit back an have your new cellar finished and remodeled (we do all of the work for you)


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