5 Things Must Do Before Remodeling Your Basement 1

Remodeling your basement can be an exciting, rewarding home improvement project.


Most people immediately think of adding “Man Caves,” entertainment centers, home offices, gyms, even bigger rooms like a second kitchen or new bathroom.

This is great because a simple remodel can give you a ton of storage and living space and literally add a whole new section (or


A newly remodeled basement in Philadelphia.

wing, if you want to be fancy about it) to your house. And, it jacks up the value of your home dramatically.


And, in the Philadelphia area (and many parts of south Jersey and northern Delaware), space is a luxury. Since most homes can’t go wider, we have to make them taller.


Finishing and remodeling your basement is a great way to do this.


However, people make some really big mistakes before they remodel.


Here are the 5 things you must do to remodel your basement properly, save yourself money and have the job done right:


1. Make Sure the Basement is Bone-Dry


Knock out any water damages or water issues before you remodel. If you put up sheet rock, flooring, furniture and you don’t address even the smallest of leaks before doing so, you’re asking for trouble.

Your beautiful new basement can be ruined by water after just one rain storm!


2. Keep the Floor Dry and Warm


The floor of the basement can be tricky. It’s really good at trapping moisture and ruining the sub-floor you’ll put in your newly finished basement.

To avoid this, try using a vapor balance so the space between the actual basement floor (cement) and the new floor (wood, laminate, etc) stays dry and protected. If not, the wood can warp and mold can actually grow under the new floor, causing a huge, hazardous mess.


3. Keep a Space Between the Basement Wall and the New Wall


Same idea as the floor. Make sure there’s a space but that moisture and wetness is eliminated to protect both walls.


4. Consider Using Polyurethane Sheeting


This can help keep moisture and mold at bay. Since it’s a non-organic material, it can be hold for moisture and mold to take root. Plus, it’s easily replaced and inexpensive.


5. Have a Good Design in Mind


It always helps to have a good plan in mind before you remodel. If you need help, we can help with that. If you have a basic idea, we can provide a blueprint and picture of what your new basement will look like.


  • We can help you with your remodeling. We are experts and drying and remodeling basements.
  • And, residents in the greater Philadelphia area can get a free estimate and 0% financing.
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If you currently have a crawl space and you want to turn it into a basement, click here.

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