5 Killer Basement Remodeling Ideas

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Want to Finish Your Basement and Make It Into a Great Living Area in Your Home?

Whether you’ve recently added a new basement to your home or are just looking to finish and remodel your current one, there are plenty of ways to turn your basement into an amazing living area.

And, the best part is, some of these living area ideas also offer great storage. Check out these 5 ideas:


1. New Bedrooms, Bathroom and Kitchen


If you really want to turn your basement into a true living area, why not add several rooms?

kitchen-in-basementMany home owner add an extra living room, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.


This actually gives you a full, new floor on your home.


This is ideal for those who want to rent the basemen out. Or, if you have children that are old enough to need their own space (college kids, high school kids, or even recent college grads who can’t afford a place of their own), this is perfect.


We can add all of these rooms and make sure they’re waterproofed so there is no risk of mold or water damages. This is especially important if you’ve had water problems before or if you add a kitchen and/or bathroom.


2. Entertainment Room


If you have an older home, chances are your living room is not as big as you’d like. Even in many new homes, the living rooms suffer so that kitchens and bathrooms have more space.

By putting a new living room/entertainment room in your basement, you can have the room of your dreams.


Big enough for any furniture, big screen TV’s, sports memorabilia, etc., an entertainment room can give you plenty of space without sacrificing the square footage of the other rooms in your home.


3. Home Gym


Want to exercise but hate driving to the gym after a long day’s work? Don’t deal with traffic and a crowded gym…add your own!


With a few mats and some basic equipment, you can turn your finished basement into a full-fledged gym for you and your family.


4. Home Office


More businesses are allowing their employees to work from home than ever before. And, many a small business has been started in a home office.


Instead of being cramped in a spare bedroom (and losing out on that room’s storage ability), why not move your office down to a clean, fresh, finished basement?


You’ll have more room to work, can design and decorate it any way you like, and you’ll leave the spare bedrooms for storage and living area.


5. Play Room for the Kids


Have your children commandeered your living room with their toys? Do they take over other rooms in your home?


Then a basement play room is a great way to get your living room back while giving your kids a huge area to play and be creative.



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