4 Signs Your Home Has Poor Air Quality

Do You Suspect That Your Home Has Poor Air Quality?


Look for these warning signs:

1. When Your Home Has Poor Air Quality, You’ll Experience Health Problems

 When you are in your house, are you are having any of the following symptoms:


  • Frequent Headache
  • Coughing, Sinus Congestion, Irritated Throat
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea


If you are getting any of these when you are home, it could be a major sign that your air quality is low.


2. The Symptoms Effect Multiple People

If one person in your home is prone to allergies, you may miss the signs. but, if the symptoms above hit more than one person in your home (or even your pets) and they don’t normally have allergies, then this is a big cause for concern.


  • This is often a sign of mold, mildew and dust mites in your home, especially the attic and basement.


Mold Health Effects

Some of the many ways that mold in your home can effect your health.


Dust mites are microscopic parasites that thrive on humidity. They need at least 50% relative humidity to live, since they get their water from the air and not by drinking it. Their waste and their shells (they shed frequently) become dust particles that get into the air of your home and you and your family breathe them in.

This is where a lot of the worsening of allergies and experiencing allergy like illnesses come from.


3. Symptoms Disappear When You Are Away from Home

 Feeling better after being away from your house for a day? Even a long work shift outdoors can make you feel better.

 This is a sure sign that your air quality is poor. Basically, you remove yourself from that atmosphere and go to a better one and your symptoms disappear.


4. Symptoms Come Out of No Where

If you or your family members never had any of these symptoms before and they suddenly do, it’s a clear signal that your air is polluted. Remember, you spend a large amount of time in your home each day…the breathing in of allergens adds up quickly and the problems can start seemingly over-night, but, the reality is they’ve been building for a long time.


How Can We Fix The Air Quality in Your Home

First, we need to see what is causing the problem.

  • Mold is dealt with using remediation and negative air containment (basically, killing all of the spores in your home’s air so that mold can not return)
  • Dust mites can be killed by using a special, high-powered de-humidifier (without humidity, they dry up and die)
  • We will also fix the source of the problem; the water and moisture (better drainage, waterproofing, sealing the areas that are leaking: whatever it takes to strop the water issues, we will do it)


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