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Are You Having Problems with Your Stone Foundation or Buying a Home with a Stone Style Foundation?


Stone foundations were once very common. They are fireproof and are built to last quite a while.

But, they are common in older homes, so, many of them are starting to have problems. The good news is that once you repair the problem, stone tends to go back to its normal, reliable, durable self.

If you’re looking to buy a home with this type of foundation, take a look at the 4 most common problems. Then you will know how to fix them.

If you already have a stone foundation, use this as a checklist to see what kind of problems your foundations has or will have in the future.


1. Loose Or Dislocated Stones


Stones near the ground or corners of your home are susceptible to becoming loose or dislocated.

This usually happens because these stones are close to the ground. Water from rain runs off the roof, over the gutters or down the downspout. If the down spouts are too close to your home, the ground will become saturated and put pressure on the foundation.

This can loosen stones and cause what it commonly attributed to “the house settling,” however, if the ground around your home is situated correctly and the water is moved away from your home, there should never be settling.
2. Bulges in the Wall

Foundation repair in Doylestown PA after picture

Working on repairing a foundation wall on this home in Doylestown.

Frost, cold, snow, and too much water can all cause bulging walls. Much like the rain water problem in #1, too much water, changes in temperature and settling of the ground can cause the walls to bulge.

3. Cracks in the Walls

If your walls are mortared, the water issues can cause pressure, leading to cracks. Often, they will develop along the mortar lines. They can be horizontal or go in a “step” pattern.
4. Water Seepage

Water is the common theme to these problems. And, when the ground is overwhelmed by water, pressure is put on the foundation walls.

Before and after foundation repair in Cherry Hill NJ

Cracks develop. Soon, water will get into the foundation walls. This is when extreme damages, such as bowing walls and full foundation failure, occur.


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