4 Fast Home Hacks for Pet Lovers (VIDEO)

Love Your Pets?

Of course you do.

We love ours… in fact, our employees routinely bring their dogs, cats, rabbits, and other assorted, beloved pets to work.

Pets of Basement Waterproofing Specialists


If you want to learn some fast ways to improve your home for your pets…

Check out this video from Basement Waterproofing Specialists and HomeAdvisor:

If you want your pets to have a huge play area for those days when rain, snow, cold, or hot weather keeps them inside, consider turning your basement into the go-to room. 

However, if you want your dogs to play safely, make sure your basement is bone dry and mold-free. 

Mold can be toxic, even lethal, to your pets!

If you’re unsure if your cellar is dry, or if there’s mold, simply fill out the form below for a free basement inspection:


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