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Is Basement or Attic Mold Destroying the Air Quality in Your Home?


Philadelphia Magazine recently reported that Philly ranks 10th worst in the nation for air quality. This gets even worse in the summer time when the heat and pollution (from cars) increases.

This means that every time we step outside our house in the city (or in the Philadelphia area, including the suburbs) we are breathing in air that is doing damage to our lungs, brain, and nervous system.


What’s worse is that most of our homes also have poor air quality.

Our homes are too moist…yes, plain old moisture can be leading to many of the health problems, especially allergies, that are more prevalent than ever.


  • Every time we shower, use the sink, cook, or just breathe, moisture is released into the air in our home. Moist are moves to the lowest point in the home, usually the basement or crawl space.


Without proper ventilation, the air is simply circulated back into the home. Once this happens, it leads to mold and mildew growth.


  • All of that moisture not only leads to mold growth but it fuels mold spores to grow, spread and start new “colonies.”
  • Moisture can also ruin organic materials in the home (wood, stucco, etc) causing it to rot or attract termites.
  • The combo of mold, mildew, rotting organic substances, and the gases that are left by these, leads to what is called Sick Home Syndrome
  • And, perhaps most disgusting of all, studies show that if the humidity in your home goes above 50%, dust mites reproduce and eat more, leading to allergic reactions to their fecal matter. Yes, their fecal matter circulates in the air your breathe in your house.


What Can You Do to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home?


1. Run a strong de-humidifier in your basement or in any room that is prone to excess moisture (bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc)


This helps with the moisture in the air, but it is only part of the solution. This is where most people stop, and that’s a huge mistake.


2. Test your home’s air quality, then install a good air purifier.


Consumer reports puts out a list of the best air purifiers every year. Amazon’s reviews can give you a good idea of a high quality purifier as well.

This is the second step in improving the quality of your air, and it’s important. But, it’s useless without number 3…


3. Have Your Home Tested for Mold and Treated

Mold remediationThis is the key.

Even if you reduce humidity and put in an air purifier to improve the air you breathed in your house, if mold is present and allowed to continue to grow, it will keep coming back and effecting your health.

As we’ve pointed out many times before on this site, wiping up mold with bleach does almost nothing to stop it’s growth. It will come back, over and over again.


  • We can help you with all 3 steps.


Our patented, award-winning mold remediation process will get the mold and toxins out of the air in your home, improving the quality of both the air and your health.


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