3 Surprising Facts About Basement Waterproofing 1

Is Basement Waterproofing Right For Your NJ, DE, or PA Area Home?


Waterproofing isn’t always the most glamorous home improvement project…but it might be the most important.

Here are 3 Surprising Facts About Basement Waterproofing and why your home needs it, now.


1. 60% Of Homes, Old and New, Experience Basement Water Problems

Unfortunately, water problems in the basement, crawl space, or foundation are common in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware areas.

  • Water gains entry to your basement, typically, through poor drainage of the soil around your home. The more it rains, the more pressure gets put on the outside of the basement walls.
  • When it rains a lot, the pressure on the walls causes small cracks. Water is very good at finding these cracks and corroding the cement and cinder blocks of your basement and foundation walls
  • Things like extending your home’s down-spouts and making sure the soil around your home slopes away from the foundation can help, but in most cases, only waterproofing your basement will ensure that water doesn’t get inside the walls and destroy your foundation.


2. Waterproofing “Paints” Can Actually Make the Water Damage Worse!

Do not get fooled into thinking that a cheap bucket of “waterproofing paint” can stop flooding, foundation cracks, and mold growth in your home.

  • Despite what some DIY “experts” will tell you, slapping some cheap “waterproofing paint” will not cure basement water problems. In fact, it makes them much, much worse…
  • These paints often trap mold behind a small, thin membrane. But, mold continues to grow. It will find a spot that has been missed (even as small as a pin head) and will send out its reproductive spores like a tiny, invading army.
  • If your home has foundation problems and you opt for the paint over basement waterproofing, you will be making a problem that is much deeper than just some water on the walls. Below the surface, your home’s foundation could be majorly damaged.


3. It Doesn’t Take Much Rain to Cause A Major Pressure Assault On Your Basement

Water from a rain storm, snow, or over-watering your lawn can build up and cause a lot of problems for your home.

How much pressure can a little rain build? Check out these frightening stats:


  • One inch of rain on a one acre of of land leaves your soil full of close to 27,700 gallons of water!
  • One inch of rain on a 1/4 acre property is about 7,000 gallons.
  • One inch of rain in a normal size window well is almost 4 gallons of water.


As you can see, it doesn’t take much water to do some big time damage. Waterproofing paints do much more harm then good when used alone. And, if water is allowed to penetrate the walls, the paint will actually trap moisture between the paint and the wall!


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