3 Reasons Your Home’s Foundation Needs to Be Fixed

Your Home’s Foundation Might Be Suffering From Major, and Dangerous, Problems

Your home’s foundation supports the entire weight of your house. Your foundation is under¬†under a lot of pressure and stress form this job alone.

But, this isn’t the only pressure that effects your foundation. There are a few outside sources that can absolutely destroy you home.

Many home owners put off having their foundations fixed. It’s not the most glamorous job. Definitely not as fun as adding a new basement or new kitchen.

But, it is extremely important. In fact, it can save your home, and your health.


3 Reasons Your Home’s Foundation Needs to Be Fixed

1. Cracks

Step Foundation Crack

Step Crack in the Foundation

Homes old and new are at risk of this type of problem. It usually stems from the water and soil around your home putting too much pressure on the walls (or basement floor), which leads to the walls developing cracks.

Once the cracks start, they will spread. Eventually they will weaken your foundation and cause it to fail completely.

This puts your home at risk for ultra expensive repairs and possibly being condemned.


2. Structural Problems and Weak Walls

It starts with cracks, but if you notice that the bottom of your foundation walls or basement walls are “soft,” then chances are you have water inside the walls.
This is a huge problem because it will weaken the structure, eventually causing the walls to bow.

Water and pressure are again the main culprits. They work in tandem to push your foundation till it literally breaks.


3. Bowed Walls

This happens after cracks are not treated.

Often, right along the line of the crack, the pressure will become too great and the walls will start to bend inwards.

Once this starts, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It does not take long for this to destroy your home. In fact, you should have the problem fixed at stage one (cracks) before it has a chance to affect your foundation.

North Brunswick Foundation repair

  • Bowed walls can get your home condemned, fast. It will also ensure that your home will be unsellable until the problem is fixed.
  • Even if you are not looking to sell, having a foundation with walls in this condition is extremely dangerous.

The key to all of these problems is to manage the water in your yard¬†and around your home’s foundation when it rains or snows.


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