3 Reasons Waterproofing is Worth the Investment

Water Can Damage Your Basement, Crawl Space, and Foundation, Leading to Major Structural Problems


Waterproofing your basement isn’t the most exciting home improvement.

But, it is the one that will pay off the most…by far.

Yes, waterproofing actually gives you a bigger return on investment than all of the “sexier” home improvements.


  • More than a kitchen remodel.
  • More than a bathroom remodel.
  • And, it’s cheaper and adds more value that a home addition.


There are 3 major reasons why waterproofing your basement is worth the investment:


1. Waterproofing Your Basement Kills Mold


Homes in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area have been dealing with a mold epidemic.

Schools, offices, and homes are all at risk for infestation of hazardous mold. In fact, some of these places can even be shut down by the Center for Disease Control! If mold growth goes on untreated, your home could be at risk.


  • Black mold is lethal. It can kill small pets and cause sinus problems, asthma even death in children. It will also effect the adults in the house. 


Your health is invaluable! Don’t let your children, pets or family be at risk for serious health issues.

Waterproofing seals out moisture. This is mold’s food source and without it, it will die. If moisture is allowed to return, so will mold.



2. Protect Your Foundation


Few jobs are more expensive than repairing a broken down foundation.

When your home’s foundation is left unprotected vs. water and soil pressure, it will break.

The longer it’s unprotected, the worse the damage will be. Let it go long enough and your foundation will collapse.


  • Water destroys the walls of your foundation. It literally eats its way into the basement. Over a short time, it will penetrate the walls, causing flooding and cracks.

If you take care of the problem early by waterproofing the basement and foundation, the cheaper it will be.


  • You’re looking at a small investment in waterproofing versus a huge bill for foundation repairs down the road.

3. Increase Your Home’s Value


Homes with water problems don’t sell.

They lose value…and it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. You lose equity and you lose re-sale value. A true double hit.


  • Thinking of selling? Get rid of the water damages now.
  • Waterproofing cures water damages by sealing the moisture out of the home
  • Waterproofing has been shown to increase home value by at least 27%..or more…


This fact alone makes the job an investment rather than a cost since you’ll actually make money on the project. If you’re selling you make it back quickly.

Even if you’re not, the increased equity in the home can mean a lot of cash in your pocket.

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