3 Reasons to Repair Your Broken Sidewalk

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Has the sidewalk in front of your home started to crack, break or become uneven?


This could be a huge liability!


Check out these 3 reasons to fix your sidewalk and walkways:

1. You are Liable

In most cities and towns, including most in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, you are liable for any falls or injuries that occur on sidewalks that are on your property.

This is often a thorny legal issue because the city or municipality may claim the first few feet of your property belong to them, but, you are still responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the sidewalk.

If someone falls and gets seriously injured, you can be sued. Even if you end up winning, it will cost you a ton of money in legal fees. It is much easier and cheaper to simply have the sidewalk repaired.

Have a professional remove the broken slab, check for the cause of the breaking, fix it and then replace the concrete.


Same goes for all walkways on your property.


2. Safety

Keep in mind that it might not be a stranger who falls on that crack…it could be you, your family, children or friends.


Walk ways should always be level and free of cracks. Even a slight difference in surface levels can cause someone to trip and take a nasty fall. If you have elderly relatives, this is imperative, as a simple fall can prove fatal.


3. Home Value

If you are a selling your home, the last thing you want is for a potential buyer to pull up to a house with a cracked, ugly sidewalk or walk ways. It screams “this house wasn’t taken care of!” and it also signals, subconscious, that the buyer is going to have to make repairs as soon as they move in.


We Can Help!


We provide sidewalk and walkway repair services in all of New Jersey, Delaware and the greater Philadelphia areas.




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