3 Reasons You Need to Install Yard Drains 1

Don’t Let a Flooded Yard Destroy Your Property!


Too much water in your yard can cause a few major problems. It can literally ruin your lawn, basement and driveway.



Because water can dramatically change the soil pressure around your home. Only an inch of rainwater is equal to over 6,000 gallons of water on the average sized property! This much water can quickly destroy your home.


Luckily, a simple yard drainage system can stop many of these problems.

Here are three reasons your should install yard drains:


1. Keep Your Basement Dry

Excess water in your yard causes huge problems for your basement and foundation. When it rains, that water will sit in the ground around your home, especially if your home is built on Woman standing in flooded basementclay soil, as most in the NJ, PA and Delaware areas are. When the water saturates the ground, it causes an expansion.


  • This expanded soil pushes into the walls and under the floor of your basement, foundation or crawl space. Before long, it will cause cracks and water will begin to get inside the home. This causes structural damage and mold growth.


Mold can cause your family and pets health problems. Foundation problems will destroy your home and can cost a ton of money to fix.

A yard drain can pull this excess water away from your home, keeping your basement safe.


2. Improve Your Lawn


Yard drainage pipe installed with stones.

New drainage installed, then covered in stone.

Having trouble keeping your lawn green and lush?

The problem may be that the water is not draining properly. This will rot the roost of your grass, causing yellow or brown spots.


  • Allowing excess rain water or irrigation to sit just below the surface will literally drown your lawn and all of your fertilizing, cutting, weed-fighting and edging efforts will go to waste.


3. Keep Your Driveway Safe


Your concrete driveway can become ruined quickly by a near-constantly wet yard.

Must like your basement, the cement or asphalt in your driveway can be destroyed by water and soil pressure.


Too much water moves the ground under the driveway, and this actually has the power to push whole concrete slabs and sections of asphalt.

  • Again, all of that water makes the ground expand, the expansion puts pressure on the cement and it will either raise up or crack. Either way, the driveway will be destroyed, fast.


Most people simply replace the section that is damaged, but, this doesn’t fix the underlying problem, and it will continue to happen until the water issue is take care of. This can also destroy your sidewalks and walkways.


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