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Space is at a Premium in the Philadelphia Area: Expand Your Home by Finishing Your Basement


If you live in the Philadelphia area, either in the city or in some of the nearby suburbs (like Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, King of Prussia, Phoenixville, the North East, etc), you know that space is not always an easy thing to come by in your home.

Houses, especially older homes in the Philadelphia area, tend to have either crawl spaces, or low-ceiling basements. They were made for smaller people with smaller families…and, more importantly, people with less things to store.


Why Not Add an Addition rather Than Finish Your Basement??

Most people think that adding an addition to their home is the only way to increase their available living and storage space.

But, there are two problems:


  • In the city, adding on can be near-impossible. Row homes and houses built just a few feet apart do not allow for additions.
  • Additions cost a lot of money.


It is much faster, easier and more cost effective to create more space in your home by finishing (or remodeling) your basement.


How Does Finishing Help?

Cleaned out basement in West Chester PAUsing your basement as a living and storage space gives you a whole new level on your home.

A rancher suddenly becomes a two story.


  • We can help you finish your basement and turn if from a wet, dank, moldy wasted area into a fresh, dry, vibrant room or group of rooms where you and your family can safely live, eat, watch movies, etc.


We can change your basement into:


  • A large living room
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • A full apartment with living, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen
  • Home gyms
  • Home office or work space
  • “Man Cave” or entertainment room


And just about anything else you can think of. We’ll make sure the basement stays dry and can add walls, flooring, paint, clean up services…all at a fraction of the cost per square foot of a home addition.


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