3 Reasons to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Is Your Crawl Space Damp and Causing You and Your Family Health Problems?

Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Save Your Home and Your Health


If your home is in the New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, or Delaware areas, chances are that your crawl space is “vented.” Venting┬áthe default style that is used when building a house. If so, this could be costing you a ton in energy bills, degrading your home’s air quality, hurting your family’s health and weakening your home’s foundation.


Why are vented crawl spaces so bad?

Mostly because of moisture and water problems. Moisture from the “ceiling” of the area (the floor of the house above it) can cause a tremendous amount of moisture. Think of when you have your air conditioner on and it’s very humid and hot outside. This can cause a great deal of moisture.


This moisture will lead to mold growth. That mold and it’s spores get into the air of your home, where you and your family inhale it…leading to a lot of health problems, especially in children, pets and the elderly.

Not only that, but the moisture causes insulation to fall. This will make your home leak energy, making it much harder to heat or cool your home and costing you big time when the energy bills come.

And, the moisture and water will lead to foundation problems such as cracks in the walls and a weakened foundation. This can set your home up for massive and expensive damages.


How Can You Prevent These Problems?

By encapsulating your crawl space. Encapsulation is the process of “sealing” the area, blocking moisture, keeping insulation where it belongs and keeping wild life and rodents out of your home!


But, there are 3 other huge benefits of encapsulation:


1. Better Air Quality in Your Crawl Space and Your Home

Remember the mold problem we talked about earlier? If you have mold, we can destroy it, then encapsulate so that it will never return to your home.

When the crawl space is sealed off from moisture, mold can not grow.

It literally lives and feeds on water and moisture/dampness. When the area is sealed, these problems disappear and so will mold.

This means you don’t have to worry about mold spores getting into your air condition, heating, water, and into the air of your home. You and your family will be safe from all of the nasty problems that mold can cause.


2. Greatly Improved Energy Efficiency


  • Studies show that encapsulating your crawl space can cut your energy costs by 20%.

This can mean a lot of money saved each year simply by ensuring that air and water can not get into the area. And, that insulation will not be effected by dampness and can help hold energy in your home, where it belongs.


3. Protects Your Foundation

This is the biggest benefit in the long term, at least financially, to encapsulate your crawl space.

The return on your investment is amazing when you consider how much it can cost to repair a destroyed foundation! And, it doesn’t take long for water from your crawl space and outside the foundation to work together to crack and weaken your home’s foundation.

Encapsulation can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

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