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If you live in Philadelphia, you know that space is limited in most homes. At only 12 – 16 feet wide, most homes are not ideal for storage space. Plus, living space can often be cut down because the houses are built narrow but tall.


And, since heat rises, it can make rooms on the 3rd or 4th floor unlivable during the heat and humidity of the Philly summer.


Even outside the city, in most suburbs (from West Chester to the North East to King of Prussia) many of the holder homes were built on crawl spaces. These offer absolutely zero living space and the storage area is really limited.


Why Add a Basement?


Adding a basement is a great choice for home owners in the Philadelphia area because:

1. It Adds (Cool) Living Space


Adding-new-basementImagine adding a full floor to your home that is very cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is an ideal situation for those who hate being confined to the bottom floor of their home in the summer (and who hate paying PECO to cool those 3rd and 4th floor rooms).


The new basement will be much cooler than the rest of the home, even during the brutal humidity of July and August. And, this can usually be done without air conditioning, giving your much cheaper energy bills. 


2. Adding a Basement Adds Home Value


Any time space is limited (in the city or the suburbs) homes with land and more living space sell for more.


If you add a big, dry, water-damage-free basement, your home’s value will skyrocket.


3. Expand Your Home


When most people think of adding a basement, they stop at just having a new basement.  A large, empty room to put a couch and maybe a TV plus some boxes to store.

But, this is only the beginning of what you can do with the new space.

Adding rooms like kitchens, a bathroom, home gym or office and many others. Remodeling or finishing your new basement can literally add a full floor to your home.


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