3 Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Is Your Basement or Crawl Space in Serious Need of Waterproofing?


There are 3 big reason why you should do it now…before it’s too late…


1. Your Family’s Health

A wet basement or crawl space can be lethal to you and your family.


lebanon-pa-basement-waterproofingBecause wet crawl spaces and basements are breed grounds for bugs, toxic mold, bacteria, bad odors, air-borne parasites, and rodents. Hot air heating systems can actually transfer many of these dangers directly into your home.

Waterproofing will keep the areas dry and send bugs, bacteria, mold and other toxic substances packing.


2. Avoid Foundation Disasters

Wet basements or crawl spaces can weaken the structure of your house. Hairline cracks can stay dormant for years and can eventually shatter. Preventative maintenance not only take the guesswork out of this potential disaster but will give you peace of mind.

Waterproofing and foundation repair help keep your home safe and strong.


3. Boost Your Resale Value

Years ago, your basement was just for storage. If it was damp and musty, if your tools and old boxes got full of mold and mildew, it wasn’t a huge deal. You installed a sump pump and hoped it would deal with the issue.

Today, however. thanks to the techniques developed by Basement Waterproofing Specialists your basement can become part of your home’s usable living space. You can turn your basement into a recreation room, a guest room or even a full apartment.


All of this raises the resale value of your home significantly.


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