3 Easy Ways to Avoid Foundation Problems

How to Avoid Foundation Problems on Your NJ, Philadelphia or Delaware Area Home

It does not take much for your home to start experiencing foundation problems. And unfortunately, these problems (Cracks, leaks, broken brick or cement) spread quickly once they start.

These foundation issues are common throughout New Jersey, the Philadelphia area, Harrisburg and all of Delaware.

Your home was probably built on a lot of clay-type soil. Clay and gravel have really poor drainage. So, when it rains, water can not drain. The longer the water sits, the more the soil around your home expands, causing pressure to be put on your foundation walls.


Not long after that, the cracks start.

Check out these 3 easy ways to prevent foundation problems in your home:

1. Extend Your Down Spouts

Bowing foudnation wall repairClean gutters and nice, long down spouts are key to keeping your home’s foundation safe.

This is because water that is allowed to sit around the base of your home leads to trouble. That water gets into the ground and creates pressure on the walls by expanding the soil. This pressure leads to cracks and leaks.

When your gutters are clean and the down spouts drive the water away from your home, the pressure is reduced greatly. This helps keep your foundation strong and crack free.

2.Install Good Drains

The ability to drain excess water from your basement or crawl space and your yard is key to preventing these problems.

Again, it’s all about water management. When water is drained and take away from the foundation, it is not dangerous. Your home doesn’t have to fight off pressure from expanded soil and it will keep its structural integrity.

Yard drains to prevent flooding

This trench shows just how much water can collect just under the surface in your yard, leading to an unhealthy situation for your backyard and potential flooding in your basement.

3. Waterproof Your Basement or Crawl Space

If you live in an area with bad soil and have poor drainage, you should have your crawl space, foundation and/or basement waterproofed.

This will seal out water from getting inside of the walls. When pressure exists outside the wall, cracks form, pushing water inside the foundation wall. This weakens it and causes it to break.

When the area is waterproofed (sealed and has proper drainage), water doesn’t have an effect. It is carried away from your home, the pressure is met with counter pressure of the waterproofing system, and and water that reaches the walls is repelled.

Exterior Drainage fully installed.

Exterior drainage pipe covered with stone, fully installed.

The best possible solution to avoid foundation problems is to combine all three of these measures. The down spouts are a cheap, quick fix.

Drains are a bit more expensive but can save you thousands in repairs.

And waterproofing, while a bigger investment, will pay you back with a 25% increase in home value plus will save you in repairs. And, it has the added benefit of keeping mold out of your home.

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