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Does Your Home Have a Brick Foundation? Is It Experiencing Any of These Problems?


While most homes today are built on either cement, concrete, or cinder block, many older homes were built on brick foundations.


If done properly, brick can give you a solid foundation for decades. But, many of the homes that were built this way are 75 years old or more.

Time, weather, and soil in the ground around your home all add up to cracks, leaks, and flooding problems.

This means that many of these older homes are now experiencing problems.

And, because many home builders take shortcuts and do not back-fill around your basement or foundation properly, the problems can hit even brand new homes.

If your home has is built on brick, check out these common problems with brick foundations and how to fix them:


1. Vertical Cracks



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Vertical cracks along the bricks are a sure sign of serious foundation problems.


The soil around your home is shifting, causing the house to “settle.” This can be stopped and should not be ignored. The longer it continues, the deeper and wider the cracks will become.

This can lead to flooding, mold growth (from water getting inside the basement), and damage to the floors and walls of your house.

Brick foundations are especially susceptible to these problems because pressure will hit the mortar areas hard, causing small cracks to form. From there, the walls of your foundation can actually rotate, so even brick, which is a strong material, can not withstand the sheer force and pressure.


2. Step Style Cracks


If the cracks in your foundation look like they’re climbing stairs, then you have step cracks.


This is another indication that the soil around your home is moving. Usually, this comes from poor drainage and solid being loosely packed (this is what happens when the space around your basement is not back-filled in the right way)

The ground under your home needs to be fixed and better drainage needs to be installed. This is the only thing that will stop the problem.


3. Horizontal Cracks


These are the most serious. They indicate that your foundation is failing and you need immediate repairs.

If you see cracks running horizontally along the bricks, you can be sure that your foundation is in trouble.

foundation repair and basement waterproofing

The soil around your home is putting too much pressure on the walls, causing them to bow and cave in. This is very dangerous and should be addressed by a professional ASAP or you risk losing your home!


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