The 3 Most Common Foundation Problems 2

Is Your Foundation Crumbling?


Your home’s foundation has a pretty big job…

It has to support the entire weight of your home, keep it stable, and keep water out of your crawl space or basement. 

And, many home owners put the foundation at a huge disadvantage…This leads to house-ruining problems and huge repair costs.

What are the most common foundation problems?

Doesn’t matter if you have a stone foundation, brick, poured concrete or cinder-block, the same problems hit all homes.


  • If you leave it untreated, your home’s foundation will start to show one of the following 3 problems…and it will destroy your home unless you do something about it.


1. Cracks


Cracks mean that your foundation has problems.

Usually, the problem’s source is unseen by the untrained eye. This is because it’s often starting in the outside wall.

Bowing foudnation wall repairCracks come from

  • Changes in temperature (especially when it gets below freezing)
  • Soil pressure from around the outside of the home
  • Nearby construction (This is a common cause in the Philadelphia area)
  • Improper framing


Cracks need to be stopped. Simply throwing come caulk on your basement wall won’t stop them.

Over a short period of time, the cracks will worsen. They will separate the wall, weakening your entire home.


We use a special steel plate technology to stop the separation. We also find and fix the root of the problem so no more cracks will occur.


2. Bowing

Bowing of your basement walls is a serious problem.

It means your home is at risk for foundation failure. If you see this, call us asap: 800-700-9171

This happens when cracks are left untreated. The pressure on the walls never stops and eventually they just give in.


  • Your home can become condemned if you don’t address this problem fast!


3. Leaks


Leaks lead to flooded basements, mold growth, and more cracks and bowing.

Your foundation will leak from the pressure outside the home causing cracks.

Often, if your gutters and downspouts aren’t pulling water away from your house, the rain will overwhelm your home’s defenses.


Leaks and cracks need to be fixed quickly. The problem will get much worse, fast.

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