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Is the Basement of Your NJ, PA, or Delaware Area Home Flooding After Every Rain?

Water Will Always Find The Easiest Path Into Your Home and Destroy Your Basement or Crawl Space


This is the time of year when the rain and storms hit the Philadelphia, NJ and DE areas pretty hard. The last few years, winter has brought  multiple heavy rain storms, and snow storms. This leads into a spring that brings tropical storms and even a few hurricanes.

The result has been major damages to homes in the area. Some things like falling trees and power outtages are hard to avoid. But, there is one rain-related problem that you can beat (saving yourself tens of thousands in repairs) if you know the cause:

Basement Flooding


During heavy rain or snow periods many of the basements in the Philadelphia region are overwhelmed with water, flood, and cause a lot of damage to the home’s foundation, the walls and floors, wiring & electric, and anything that you have stored in the basement.

Unfortunately, many home owners think that flooding is just part of having a basement. But, no amount of water is acceptable. Even small leaks are telling you that you have a much bigger problem coming (one that you can’t see yet, but by the time you are able to see it, it’s too late)

Here are the 3 causes of basement floods, and how you can stop it before it destroys your home:

1. Cracks or Separation Near the Windows


This is very common, especially in older homes.

Even a small space between the window and wall of the basement can allow water to get inside. And, the more this happens, the worse the problem gets. Often, this is water’s first entry way into the home…it will then find any opening to get inside the wall, causing structural damage.


2. Poor Drainage

basement waterproofing before pictureWhether the drains were installed improperly or they are prone to clogging, they will lead to water backing up into the basement or crawl space.

This problem effects both new and old homes. Basement floor drains, footer drains (if they were installed) and even driveway drains get clogged with dirt and debris and back up, leaving rain water no where to go.

This creates a double problem (see #3) because now you have water on the surface running into the home and finding any small crack or hole (just like the example in #1).

Snow does a great job of overwhelming your yard’s drainage. Remember that snow is nothing more than frozen rain, and when it thaws, several thousand gallons of water are forced into the ground around your home.


3. Cracks in the Walls or Floor

This is the big one. And, it’s caused by a combination of reasons 1 and 2 plus pressure on the outside of the basement walls and floor from the ground around your house.

Too much water gets into the ground and the dirt expands. That expansion causes pressure on the walls of your foundation.


This leads to cracks as the cement, brick, concrete or stone that make up your basement walls are inflexible and can only stand up to so much weight being pushed on them.


  • Cracks form on the outside of the basement walls first (the part that is buried in the ground)
  • Now water can get inside the walls
  • Once inside, the water weakens the walls and cracks on the inside of the basement form
  • Now, when it rains water can easily get inside your home, causing floods and damaging your property


We Stop The Flooding By:


  • Improving your drainage
  • Removing the cause of the pressure on the basement and foundation walls
  • Sealing any cracks and prevent them from spreading
  • Drying the basement and fix the causes of the flooding so you can be sure the water problems will never return


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