2 Types of Basement Doors

Want to Put In a New Basement Entrance? Check Out these Two Types of Basement Doors

Adding doors to your basement is a great way to make your cellar into a living area. In many cities, like most in New Jersey, Delaware, and in the greater Philadelphia area, doors are required in any cellar for safety reasons.

You have a lot of options in choosing a door. The materials vary and they type of entrances does as well.

Sloped Wall Entrance

A lot of basement doors are set right into your home’s foundation. They can be placed into stone, concrete or brick foundation types. They are almost always attached to wooden or stone steps. With this type of entrance, Bilco doors are usually used.

Or, you can use a flat plastic, metal, or polyethylene door that is hinged to the foundation.
Steel Sided Doors

This is becoming more common because you have much more choice in what type of door you can use.

  • If you have steps that start at ground level then go down into your basement where a door is placed, this is where steel sided doors are often used.

You can also choose doors that have glass, metal, steel. Wood is usually not recommended.


We Can Help You Install Your New Basement Doors

  • Installing any type of door in your cellar can be difficult. We can help you!
  • Our door experts are qualified to work with all foundation types (stone, brick, concrete, terra cotta, cinder block, etc)
  • We can help put in your Bilco doors, steel, or any other type of material.


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