Why Waterproof Your Philadelphia Basement? 3

Do you have a home in Philadelphia and have been on the fence about whether or not to do a basement waterproofing?


Maybe you think it’s too expensive…maybe you think the Philly area doesn’t get water problems in the cellar…whatever your reason, this article wills how you why you should waterproof your Philadelphia basement asap.

1. The Ground in the Philly Area is Loaded With Clay


Ok, so the soil has a lot of clay…who cares?


You should, here’s why:


  • Homes in Philadelphia (both in the city and the burbs) have soil surrounding them that have a ton of clay. Clay has horrible drainage.


So, when it rains or snows (remember that 2+ feet of snow we got a few winters ago?), all that water has to filter into he

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Well, the worse the drainage, the more the water sits in the ground.


The clay absorbs it, swells and puts pressure on the foundation and outside walls of your basement (the walls that are buried)


The water also finds small air pockets in the ground, causing further expansion of the dirty. This adds even more pressure.


  • Slowly, the pressure builds and begins to weaken the cement. It causes small cracks in the outside walls and pushes water inside.
  • Once inside, the water eats away at the cement, weakening it further and allowing water to get inside your basement.
  • The longer the water sits and the walls are left unfixed, the bigger the damages…and the bigger the repair costs!
  • Foundation cracks spread quickly. This weakens your home’s biggest support system and then the weight of your home begins to push down.
  • Now, your foundation is being pushed around from the outside and above…guess what happens? …It bows and collapses.


We’ve all seen the stories on the news about some home in the North East or West Philly collapsing or begin condemned. Well, it can happen to you…and it can happen fast.


  • Remember, the longer you wait the worse the damages, the worse the damages the more it’ll cost you
  • Waterproofing can prevent and fix these problems and save you money.


Not enough to convince your to waterproof your basement? Read on…



2. It Can Make You Money


Ok, now we’re talking!


Yes, waterproofing can put money in your pocket.




Simply, it makes your house more valuable. When it’s time to sell, this can mean tens of thousands of dollars more!


Housing market experts Econsult Solutions recently reported that:


House prices increased by 2.3%, citywide in early 2013, reversing a backslide in the last two quarters


Ok, so add 2.3% to your home’s value. Not bad, right?


  • …Now add 26% (minimum) from waterproofing!


Seems crazy, but when potential buyers (and realtors) see a home in the Philadelpha area (including South Jersey) that has a dry basement with no mold and a guarantee that it’ll have no future structural damages, it’s a home run.


This can mean tens of thousands of dollars when it’s time to sell your home!


Don’t let all that money slip through your fingers…


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