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Mold In Your Attic Can Harm Your Home and Your Family


Mold can move into your home quickly and spread even faster. Mold in your attic is especially dangerous because it often goes unnoticed for long periods of time (it’s great at hiding behind insulation, paneling, and drywall)

Just how bad is attic mold?

Here are the two biggest dangers of attic mold and how to fix them:

1. Structural Problems


When water or moisture is present and relative humidity is high, your attic is at extreme risk for structural problems.

Your attic’s floor, support beams and joists will weaken when relative humidity is high. This will cause mold growth. The combo of moisture and mold will weaken the wood that holds your attic together. This can require extensive repairs.


Plus, you can be sure that your home is leaking your heating and cooling energy if the humidity is high in the attic. So, you’ll have a weakened structure, mold growth and higher energy bills. Not a great combination!


2. Health Problems

Mold anywhere in the home can be dangerous to your health. But, the two worst spots are in the basement and the attic.




Because much of your home’s air travels through the basement and attic and then back into the house. This means that mold and it’s spores are getting into your home’s main airways.

Mold Health Effects

Some of the many ways that mold in your home can effect your health.

This can lead to mold spreading (anytime a spore finds more moisture, it can set up a new colony of mold). And, it also means that you and your family are breathing in those spores.

Once in your system, they will damage your organs, especially the lungs and your brain.

Just some of the health effects associated with mold are:


  • Coughing and headache
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Sore throat and sneezing
  • Depression and mental confusion
  • Joint and muscle pain


How Basement Waterproofing Specialists Can Get Mold Out of Your Attic

Warning: Do Not Attempt to Remove Mold From Your Attic Alone!
It is dangerous and requires special equipment. The little bit of money you save on remediation is not worth your health (there have been reports of deaths from home owners trying to get mold out of their attics)


  • We can vent the area properly to prevent mold from returning
  • Our special system of destroying mold’s spores ensures that mold can not grow back
  • Our unique remediation system will keep mold out of your basement and home, as well
  • You can get a Free Estimate and we offer In-House Financing


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