How to Organize Your Attic (Video)

How to Organize Your Attic and Keep It Safe & Mold Free Your attic… It can be a safe, dry, beautiful area you can use for storage, or even as an extra living space… Or, it can be a moldy, humid, energy-leaking mess. Benefits of Organizing Your Attic  A clean, organized attic helps keep mold […]

Crawl Space Mold Removal Methods

Most Homes in the Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Allentown, and Harrisburg Areas are Susceptible to Dangerous Mold Growth in the Crawl Space If you’ve noticed white streaks on your crawl space walls, or a musty smell emanating from your crawl space, chances are the area is infected with mold and/or mildew growth. While it might […]

Does Your Crawl Space Flood During Rain Storms?

Is your crawl space flooding every time it rains, even if it’s only a quick shower?   Do you notice a humid, musty, damp feeling in your crawl space? Do you see mold, mildew, or wet spots on the walls or floor? If so, your home is in dire need of a waterproofing and drainage […]

Basement Mold Removal in Spring

Why is Spring the Most Important Time to Have Your Basement Inspected for Mold?   If you live in the NJ, De, or PA areas, spring is a dangerous time for your home’s air quality… The Philadelphia area is starting heat up during the day. The nights are cool, and rain is coming more and […]

Basement Waterproofing Langhorne PA

Flooded Basement? Fast, Affordable Basement Waterproofing Available for Your Langhorne PA Home   If rain storms are soaking your yard and flooding your basement, we can help you.  Langhorne has been blasted by flooding issues and heavy rains in recent years.  We’re proud to offer, fast service and free estimates on waterproofing, foundation repair, and […]

3 Reasons Waterproofing is Worth the Investment

Water Can Damage Your Basement, Crawl Space, and Foundation, Leading to Major Structural Problems   Waterproofing your basement isn’t the most exciting home improvement. But, it is the one that will pay off the most…by far.