Basement Waterproofing Lower Merion Twp

Don’t Let a Wet, Damp, Flooded Basement Ruin Your Home   Far too many homes in the Lower Merion area have been a victim of wet, damp, moldy and smelly basements. What used to be a rare problem has become a reoccurring issue for home owners in the area. A Wet Basement Can Destroy Your Home […]

Are Your Basement Walls Full of Water?

Just How Much Water Can Pile Up in Your Basement Walls During a Rain Storm?   Homes in the NJ, DE, and PA areas are often built on clay soil. This type of soil has awful drainage, leaving the ground around your home saturated every time it rains.  Guess what? When that water can’t naturally […]

Do You Need Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Is Waterproofing Your Home’s Crawl Space Worth the Investment?   Most home owners in the Philadelphia area prefer to forget about their crawl spaces.

Basement Waterproofing Albrightsville PA

Albrightsville PA Customer Reviews Her Experience with  Basement Waterproofing Specialists   Recently, we were called to help a very nice home owner in the Albrightsville area. Her family home was experiencing problems with water in her basement. And, as a result, there was a very serious mold problem that was causing health problems for her […]

4 Signs of a Sinking Foundation

Are You Worried That Your Foundation Could Be Sinking?   Check out these 4 warning signs: 1. Sloping, Uneven Basement Floors If your basement, crawl space, or foundation floor is starting to slope, or is uneven and starting to separate from your basement walls, changes are that your foundation is sinking.   2. Wall Rotation […]

Why Is My Basement Wet in the Summer?

Is Your Basement Constantly Wet, Damp and Musty in the Summer?   In the Philadelphia region, including New Jersey, Delaware and all of the North East, the summer brings thoughts of the beach, BBQs, and kids playing outside. But, that heat and humidity can also have disastrous effect on your basement.   Why?   Many […]

Better Basement Storage (Video)

Need More Basement Storage?   Want to turn your cellar into a living space? If you want to free up space in your basement for storage or to use as a living area, the first step is to clean out the area, then organize what’s left. The video below will give you some fantastic basement […]

Common Concrete Foundation Problems and How to Fix Them

Is Your Home’s Cement or Concrete Foundation Experiencing Any of These Problems?   Freezing Problems and Cracks When was your house built?  If you’re in the NJ, DE or PA areas and it was built in fall or winter, there is a very good chance that your foundation got off to a very bad start. […]