How to Install a Paver Walkway

Want to Give Your Yard a Touch of Elegance by Adding a Beautiful Paver Path Walkway?   This video from Basement Waterproofing Specialists and Lowe’s Home Improvement gives you a quick tutorial on how to instal a paver walkway. Check it out: Is Your Yard Dry Enough? One essential point to remember is that if […]

Why Your Stone Foundation is Cracking

Is Your Home’s Stone Foundation Becoming Wet and Cracked?   Stone is one of the strongest materials to use when building a home’s foundation. But, it isn’t used much anymore. It is expensive, and, concrete and cinder block foundations are almost as durable and much cheaper to install. If you have an older home that […]

Why Does My Basement Smell

Does Your Basement Stink and Smell Musty After It Rains?   Here’s why that happens and how to fix it:   In the Philadelphia area, many people assume that it is totally normal for their basement to smell bad. In fact, the expression “it smells like a basement” comes from the fact that many cellars […]

How We Get Mold Out of Your Home

Does Your Basement or Crawl Space Have Mold?   Mold can absolutely kill you… Unfortunately, mold seems to be growing everywhere. Homes in the Philadelphia, New Jersey (especially South Jersey areas like Cherry Hill) and Delaware areas are literally being over run with this toxic invader. And, to make matters worse, it seems like every […]

New 5-Star Review of Basement Waterproofing Specialists on Yelp

Check It Out: A Brand New 5-Star Review of Basement Waterproofing Specialists on Yelp   🙏A huge Thank You to Karen for leaving us this beautiful 5-Star Review on Yelp! Always nice to feel appreciated, isn’t it? 😁 Karen’s basement was damp, wet, and beginning to flood. Our crew was able to get in, find […]

Video: Wet Yard Drainage

Does Your Yard Flood Every Time It Rains or Snows?   Many homes in the NJ, Pennsylvania, and Delaware areas struggle with his problem.  Between the heavy rains of winter and spring, and the sometimes relentless snow in winter, plus the poor drainage that most yards have, a little water can reduce your yard into […]

Wet Basement Repair NJ

Rain or Snow Causing Your Basement to Flood in Your NJ Home? Is Your Basement Always Wet, Damp, or Dank?   Check out this video for help: Wet Basement Repair NJ We can help you dry your basement, and keep it dry. The key to keeping your basement or crawl space bone dry, and safe […]

Video: Water Trapped in Basement Wall

How Much Water Can Become Trapped, and Pile Up, Inside of Your Basement Walls?   One of the most destructive forces to your home’s foundation, and basement, is water getting inside the walls.  Rain water soaks the area around your home, causes a “Swelling” of the soil, which puts pressure on your foundation or basement […]