Basement Remodeling Benefits

4 Basement Remodeling Benefits

1. Increased Home Value

Remodeling or finishing your basement dramatically increases the value of your home. It’s actually a cheaper project that most other remodeling jobs. Kitchens, bathrooms and additions cost more per square foot than remodeling the basement, and, they don’t offer the same return on investment.

It’s not uncommon to see a Return of 50 – 150% when you sell your home with it’s newly finished basement.

This means not only do you get a whole new floor to your home and a ton of living space, but, you’ll actually make more money when you sell your home.

2. Add a Whole New Floor

When you finish the cellar, you literally add a full floor to your home. If you have a rancher, you now have a two story.

And, unlike the main home, it’s fully customizable.

  • Want a new, huge bedroom?
  • How about a big kitchen with a full bar?
  • Man cave or entertainment room?
  • New play room for the kids or a home gym?
  • Your basement can be all that and more.


3. More Living and Storage Space

This might be the biggest basement remodeling benefit. A finished, dry cellar equals more storage and living space.

When the basement is dry, you can store your things there without fear of them becoming wet, moldy and damaged.

Plus, as mentioned above, you can add rooms and living space.


4. Energy Efficiency and Reduced Energy Bills

The basement is the coolest place in the house in the summer and the warmest in the winter. Having living space down there can save you a ton in air conditioning and heating bills in the extremes of summer and winter.

5. (Bonus) Extra Income

Renting out your finished basement is a great way to bring in extra income. It works best if you install or have an outside entrance.

Studies show that you can rent basement spaces for up to 75% of your monthly mortgage payment. This is a huge boost to your monthly income!

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