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Why Your Basement Gets Wet

What causes the flooding, mold and foundation problems?

Too much water from rain, snow or irrigation can overwhelm your yard. When that water can’t drain safely, it causes the ground around your home to expand. This expansion puts pressure on your basement and foundation walls and floor.

Over a short time, the pressure becomes too great and the walls or floor start to crack. This wills tart on the outside of your basement (the part of the wall that is in the ground where you can’t see it).

Water can then get inside of your foundation walls. From here, it gathers at the bottom, rising slowly and weakening the structure of your home.


  • This will actually weaken your foundation tot he point where it will crack the inside of your basement walls and cause water to get in. Shortly after that flooding, wetness, dampness and mold growth occur.


How Waterproofing and Drainage Help Your Home

Our waterproofing systems can help your drainage and protect the basement of your PA, NJ or DE area home.

When you yard has better drainage, the pressure is taken off of your foundation. Cracks will stop and so will leaks. We can help you fix the existing cracks and put an end to the flooding right away.

No matter what problem your basement is having, with over 14 levels of waterproofing and drainage systems, we can help you!

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